My Terms

Any company wanting to use Pete, for commercial use (ie: Modelling, Television Commercials, Photographic Shoots, etc) must have pre agreed this with his Publicist or Pete, direct and a relevant model release form signed

Any artist has full permission to do a tribute act to Pete, on condition that it does not affect his work or image. It should not be slanderous or have a malicious intent

Any person has full permission to take photographs of Pete, provided that they're not to be used in commercial use, except in news media

Anyone has full permission to use photographs to promote Pete, provided that it does not affect his work and that they are only used for promoting (ie: Websites, Directories, etc)

Under NO Circumstances, must anyone create, make, advertise or sell any merchandise with Pete, branding without prior written permission and pay the relevant royalties on such items

Impersonating Pete, is not good or clever!!!




  • "Myself and Reece Washington went to see 'Pete' perform in 'Me and My Girl', with Thornton Cleveleys Operatic Society at the Marine Hall, Fleetwood, in October 2011. I was in tea..."
    Kaylie Rawcliffe
    Audience Member
  • "'Pete' was a very positive and enthusiastic member of the cast and did his best with direction given."
    Angela Slater (Production Directer)
    This Year - Pete Cannon ft. Guilty Simpson (Music Video)